Academic and Music Career Highlights 


Master of Arts (M.A.) in a Special Major (Music Perception), California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), 1987
Graduate work in Psychology (Psychobiology) and Music (Electronic Music), California State University, Northridge (CSUN), 1971-1977
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology (Physiological), CSUN, 1971. Also attended Los Angeles City College and UCLA, 1963-1966

Audio-Visual Industry Training:

Weynand Training, Final Cut Pro Editor, 2008
Certified Digidesign ProTools HD Operator - Music, 2007
UCLA Extension, Microphone Techniques for Professional Recording, 2007
UCLA Extension, Profit Participation in Film and TV, 1998
UCLA Extension, Music Supervision for Film, 1997
ITVA, Film Camera Workshop, 1993
Solid State Logic, Hollywood, series G recording console, 1990
SONY Institute, Hollywood, video editing, 1987-1988

Honors and Awards: names "Cosmic Connection" in top 20 LP's inspired by science fiction (2013)

Nominated for Orange County Best Teacher of the Year, 2003
Television Academies' Honors 1994, 1996, and 1998
Recording program at Fullerton College nominated as one of the ten best in the USA by MIX magazine, 1985
Best Synthesizer Teacher, LOS ANGELES magazine, June 1980
Nominated for a Fulbright-Hays Lectureship in Electronic Music, 1978

Teaching Background:

Fullerton College, (Emeritus) Professor of Music Technology 1981 to 2009

Music Background:

Music Placement Representation by MRM Placement Hollywood, CA 2004-2005
Vice-President, Matrix Entertainment Inc., 1998-2001
Freelance Recording Engineer/Producer 1975 to present
Analog and digital music synthesis
Partner: ON-LINE Production 1983 to 1993
Former participant and Chief Engineer, Music Lab Recording Studios, Los Angeles, 1975-1979
Music Publisher/Composer: Neuron Music (ASCAP) 1976 to present
Administrator for Licari Publishing (ASCAP) 1985 to 1993
Cafe Concerto, Italy 1997
Screen Gems-EMI (London) 1988-1992
Neue Welt Musikverlag (Warner Bros., Munich) 1980
Air Music Scandinavia 1979

Credit Key:

(R) Recording Engineer, (M) Musician
(P) Producer, (C) Composer and/or Publisher


"Eating Barcelona 8", travel video, 2020 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona 7", travel video, 2019 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona 6", travel video, 2019 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona 5", travel video, 2018 (RMCP)
"Eating Quimet & Quimet", travel video, 2018 (RMCP)
"Bit Robot", music video, 2018 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona 4", travel video, 2017 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona 3", travel video, 2017 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona 2", travel video, 2016 (RMCP)
"Eating Barcelona", travel video, 2016 (RMCP)
"Tech Beat ", music video, 2016 (RMCP)
"Tripper", music video, 2015 (RMCP)
"Elektra", music video, 2015 (RMCP)
"Lobster Tale", music video, 2015 (RMCP)
"Third Stream", music video, 2014 (RMCP)
"Club World", music video, 2014 (RMCP)
"Amsterdam Sweet", short, 2013 (RMCP)
"L.A. Visions", music video, 2013 (RMCP)
"Summer Dreams", music video, 2013 (RMCP)
"Space Garden", music video, 2013 (RMCP)
"Magnetic", music video, 2013 (RMCP)
"Dream Friday", music video, 2013 (RMCP)
"I Might Be Happy", Hazed, music video, 2000 (Producer/Director)
"Famine", music video, 1998, (RMCP)
CBS, "Guiding Light", composer consultant, 1993-96
"Lifestyles/Rich and Famous", background music, 1989-91 (RMCP)
NBC, "Santa Barbara" source music, ON-LINE, 1984-91
Southern California Edison "Horizon" Video Magazine, 1987 (R)
"Solid State" music video, ON-LINE, 1986
KTTV, "Rituals" trailer, 1984 (RM)
ABC, "General Hospital" source music library, 1981 (RM)
PBS, "Sesame Street" (sound fx), 1980 (RM)
CBS, "The Incredible Book Escape" (sound fx), 1980 (RM)
KCOP, "Skins" live show, 1980 (Recording Consultant)
CBS, "Chris and the Magic Drip" Special, 1978 (Music Consultant)
"Dark of the Moon", ATA Repertory Co., original music, 1978 (RMCP)
PBS, "Puzzler" pilot, original music and live performance, 1976 (MC)


"Cosmic Connection", LP, Private Records (Berlin) re-release, Alex Cima 1979-2013 (RMCP)
"Black Widow", Alex Cima, 2012 (RMCP)
"Worlds of Love", Alex Cima, 2002 (RMCP)
"King of Pop", Buzzbox, 2000 (R)
"Nuances", Universo Film-Italy, 1996 (RMCP)
"Your are America", Michael Licari & Friends, Nesak Int'l, 1991 (RMP)
"Heartrise", Alex Cima, ON-LINE Records, 1990 (RMCP)
"Daydreaming", Michael Licari, ON-LINE Records, 1990 (CP)
"Into Bliss", Sixtieth Parallel, Dr. Dream Records, 1988 (R)
"Solid State", Alex Cima & ON-LINE, Crescendo Records, 1986 (RMCP)
"Deadly Passion", source music ON-LINE, Teal/Plum Records, 1985 (RP)
"Music from the 21st. Century", Crescendo Records, 1981 (RMCP)
"Final Alley", Chromosome Records, 1980 (RMCP)
"Cosmic Connection", DGG/Polydor International-Germany, 1979 (RMCP)
"Machines", with the band LEM, Wavefront Records, 1977 (RMC)


"Pierced", original score/music production, HD video short, directed by Julian Starks, 2002
"Rest Stop", original score/music production, Oscillating Pictures, 1993
Source music for "Rent-a-Cop", ON-LINE 1987
"Extreme Prejudice" (sideline musician) 1986
Source music for "The Patriot", ON-LINE 1986
Source music for "Deadly Passion", ON-LINE 1985
Sound effects for "Mati", 1982 (RM) (with Robert Randles/Musync)
"ET" trailer, 1982 (R,M) (with Robert Randles/Musync)
"Blade Runner" trailer, 1982 (RM) (with Robert Randles/Musync)
"Outland" trailer, 1981 (RM) (with Robert Randles/Musync)
"Deception", original score, premiered 1978 (Cannes Festival) (RMCP)

Commercials and Logos:

Orange County Main Public Auto Auction, 1994 (RMCP)
Badger/Gale Productions Logo, 1992 (RMCP)
Metropolitan Theaters Logo, 1992 (RMCP)
KVEA-TV, Channel 52, Los Angeles, 1986 spring campaign (RMP)
Select TV, 1981-1984 (RM)
Occidental Petroleum, 1981 (RM)
Universal Theater Logo, 1980 (RM) (with Robert Randles/Musync)
Sun Air TV spots, 1980 (R,M) (with Robert Randles/Musync)
Weiss-Global Logo, 1978 (RMCP)

Background Music Services:

Sony Trans Com, Irvine, CA, 1991 (RMCP)
3M, Minneapolis MN, 1990 (RMCP)
AEI, Seattle, WA, 1990 (RMCP)
Music Springs, Matawan, NJ, 1990 (RMCP)

Special Projects:

Wadsworth, 1994 (Reviewer)
Queen Mary, Long Beach (Disney), (sound fx), 1991 (RMC)
Schirmer Books, 1988 (Reviewer)
Kawai America, 1988 (RP)
Mattel, 1982 (RMP)
Prentice-Hall, 1982 (Reviewer)
Disney, 1980 (RMP)


AES (Audio Engineering Society)
LAPPG (Los Angeles Post Production Group)
AIMP (Association of Independent Music Publishers)
ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)
CCC (California Copyright Conference), Board of Directors (1999-2003)
NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) (1983-2011)