Final Alley

Final Ally

"Final Alley" is the 1980's follow up to "Cosmic Connection", which was released in 1979 by Deutsche Grammophone/Polydor International and re-released in 2013 by Private Records, Berlin. Final Alley is available on vinyl through Private Records.

Cosmic Connection


"COSMIC CONNECTION" is categorized as "space disco" for its electronic flavored dance tunes of the 70's and became an underground favorite. It has been recently re-released on vinyl by names "Cosmic Connection" in top 20 LP's inspired by science fiction (2013)

L.A. Record review Issue 121 - Winter 2015 (pg. 66)

This obscure Cuban-American electronic artist was our answer to the kind of effervescent, hyper-melodic, and suavely library music-like electronic sounds proposed by Japan's Yellow Magic Orchestra, France's Space Art and the early recordings of Jean-Michel Jarre. This more giddy, kitschy and instrumentally ornate dimension of electronic music has slowly gotten its hooks deep into both of us, bouncing as it does off of vague, half-remembered soundtrack fills, TV backdrops and "visit our concession stand" advertisements from our early youth. I defy anyone to hear this album and not walk away with one or more of these themes buzzing in your brain. This one was a blog discovery of mine from three or four years back and was subsequently acquired by both Matt and me in its vinyl reissue form, given the cost prohibitive nature of an original.

Luke Vibert's Dummy Mag review of "Deception" track. (April 27, 2015)

Luke Vibert: "None of these tracks are conventional 'disco', and certainly not this one! Sounds a bit like Can, but possibly even more strange and funky. Tons of lush vocoder (one of my favourite things in life) all over the album. Geezer's still going strong today."


Electronic Dance Music… techno, trance, dubstep, capped with two progressive avant garde works… all titles have a strong cinematic character.


Music, Art, and Production: Alex Cima
Mastering: Barry Wood / The Other Room
Assistant Engineers: Bryan and Brandon Forrest

Many thanks to Mike Licari and Markus Burger

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"WORLDS OF LOVE" consists of twelve dance flavored stories about different romantic relationships. Nine songs and three instrumentals. Some song stories are somewhat humorous and semi-satirical, and include such topics as insects, dream lovers, gay affairs, modern women, broken hearts, hookers, dominance, and personal phone ads. Although most lyrics are in English there are some in Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and a bit of Dutch. Except for the harmony / background vocals in "Bettina" all female voices are sound effects.


Alex Cima: synthesizers, samplers, vocals, gender vocal fx, art
Dave Murdy: electric guitar (Ginger, Party Girls, Personals, Follow the Sun)
Chelsea Canterbury: harmony/background vocals (Bettina)
Steve Alaniz: tenor sax (Besame)
Universal Sound Bank/Ilio (distributor) "Def House" CD-ROM sample library (Personals, Club Amsterdam)
Mastering and graphic layout by Barry Wood at The Other Room

NAC/Smooth Jazz/World Fusion

"HEARTRISE" consists of twelve original compositions bearing Latin and Spanish influences on the fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments in a contemporary jazz instrumental format. In addition to playing on network TV it played in over 50 NAC and contemporary jazz radio stations in the USA. It went into domestic and international radio syndication, as well as in numerous background music services including those serving domestic and international airlines. Titles from this album are included in a world music compilation CD in Italy.